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The Benefits of Soy Wax

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As we began our journey into the art of candle making, we knew only that we wanted to provide a quality product, a candle we would be proud to provide to others and enjoy in our own homes.

So, it became our mission to search out the perfect premium wax. That is when we discovered the world of soy wax! We were soon blown away with the multiple benefits a single product could offer. To understand the benefits available, it helps to know the history of the soy wax. Soy wax is actually a vegetable wax that is made from the oil found in soybeans.

Thanks to our American farmers, the USA currently provides the majority of the world's soybean population. These farmers specialize in harvesting, cleaning, cracking, de-hulling, and rolling these precious soybeans into flakes. It also seems there is not much that goes to waste involving the soy bean process. It is a common practice for even the left over hulls to be used as feed for the farm animals.

What makes the soy wax so superior? The soy wax stands apart firstly because of it's ability to burn at a cooler temperature. What this provides, is a longer burn or candle life, you get more out of your candle. In addition, because the soy wax is carbon neutral, sustainable, renewable, and free of toxins it creates a "cleaner burn". In comparison, the popular paraffin wax that is an inexpensive wax will burn at a rate that is 30-50% faster while also producing a toxic petrol-carbon soot.

As our research continues, in order to provide enticingly rich fragrances mixed with the perfect touch of dyed beauty, we are confident in the quality of the wax providing the foundation to paving our way in the candle making industry. We provide our eco friendly soy candles in a 4 oz candle tin, 8 oz candle tin, 8 oz jelly jar, and 6 pc wax melt. We plan to continue to increase our styles and fragrance options! 

Whether you are already an avid soy wax candle user or if you are new to the soy wax world, we invite you to visit us!

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