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Enhance Your Memories with a Pleasant Scent

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As we were carefully selecting our first fragrance oils to begin our soy candle collection, we were brought back to just what all a scent provides...

The obvious, of course, is whether or not an aroma is pleasant enough to want to duplicate it and have it fill your surroundings. However, a fragrance can provide so much more than a pleasant odor. Over time, we have learned to associate certain sounds, sights, and smells with people, places, and things we have encountered in our past. Our memories are filled with fragrance association. The very vanilla fragrance taking us back to freshly baked cakes at our grandmother's or the apple harvest fragrance filling us with visions of long picnics in an apple orchard as fall approaches. The cinnamon bun fragrance enticing us with warm memories of a family breakfast on Sunday mornings, or the love spell fragrance that reminds us there is always some romance to be found. Regardless if we personally have had a picnic in an apple orchard, we are able to allow the scent to create the picture for us.

It is exciting to imagine the possibilities of changing the mood of your home without an expensive makeover. Your space can easily transition from the seasons, celebrations, and emotions by changing your fragrance, or provide a constant safe place with your favorite signature scent, that is unyielding to outside changes. Whatever your style or occasion, we hope to enhance the memories you are making with one of our ever growing soy candle fragrance collections.

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