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Identifying the Natural Beauty in Soy Wax

frosting on glass soy wax candle

As our team embarked on the journey of candle making, the choice to use soy wax versus paraffin wax was unanimous due to the many benefits involving the longer burn time, cleaner burn, and profound fragrance hold. There is also the pride in knowing our product is a natural renewable resource in addition to providing work for American farmers.

However, we were set aback when we began our numerous burn tests in order to create a recipe for a candle that was perfection in our eyes. As we continued to research and edit our recipes, we became frustrated when our glass jelly jars began to develop "frosting" and some of our works of art hardened with a top layer that lacked the cookie cutter look. Time and again we were presented with only one solution. The seemingly perfect looking candle could be produced by adding an extra ingredient to our soy wax. The extra ingredient would be paraffin. We knew if we chose to add the paraffin wax to our pure soy wax we would be enabling all the toxins carried in the paraffin as well. Our candles would no longer be the eco friendly candle we prided. 

Therefore, we decided to embark on a new understanding of perfection. We began to realize with every frosted glass candle holder and every ripple over the tops of the 4 oz candle tins and wax melts, we were providing a beauty that could not be manufactured in a cookie cutter fashion. A natural beauty that is only achieved with a soy wax that offers all the environmentally sound benefits and quality that only a naturally perfect candle can. Our promise to keep the soy pure shows in our finished works of art. We now understand the natural beauty provided by the soy candles need not be improved with a newer recipe, but deserve to be appreciated for all the natural glory they posses. 

The Purple Wick

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