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Caring for Your Soy Candle to Reap Maximum Benefits

Caring for soy candle soy candle care wick trimming

When you receive your candle the wick will be trimmed at about 1/4 inch. You will want to prepare to be able to allow your scented soy candle to burn for about 2 hours during your initial lighting. Keeping your candle away from drafts and on a flat surface will help achieve a safe and even burn. After about two hours you should notice what is called a wax pool over the candle that is even. You may extinguish the candle at this time and wait for it to regain it's solid state. Because we are dedicated to using only fragrance oils specifically formulated to perform well with soy wax, you can be assured that the aroma from your candle will linger.

Once you are ready to relight your candle, you will first trim the wick to again to be at the desired 1/4 inch. Scissors can be used for this task if you do not have a wick trimmer. Be sure you remove any wick remains and you are now ready to relight your naturally beautiful soy candle to fill your home with lasting fragrances formulated to enhance your senses.

Notice the lack of soot. Because our candles are made from the eco friendly soy wax there will not be toxins emitted into your home while burning your candle. The soot you would normally see with other waxes including paraffin are the buildup of the toxins Therefore, you can rest assured when lighting our soy candles you are not allowing any harmful toxins into your home, reaping the benefits of a truly clean burn. If you do happen to have an accidental spill, the wax can easily be gotten up by using warm soap and water, another benefit of using a bio degradable wax.

We feel that with these tips and our quality soy candles, you have the tools to maximize your soy candle benefits. You will increase the life of your candle while enjoying the fantastic fragrance, and being assured your choice in soy is environmentally sound. Welcome to the soy candle experience!

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