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Providing the Perfect Gift Options

Holidays are coming fast and our lists seem to continue to grow. We strive to include every person that has played a part in our lives. We want to acknowledge our appreciation from them. We strive to rejoice in every relationship from our family, to our neighbors, to our children's teachers.

We have made it easy for you this year!

We are proud to provide you with a collection of naturally beautiful, hand poured, scented, soy wax candles. Our eco friendly candles are produced with a recipe designed to maximize fragrance that will burn up to twice as long as typical paraffin candles.

This year offer your family and friends the gift that will enhance their senses and provide a lasting joy throughout the season! You can take pride in knowing you provided not only a quality gift but one that benefits our environment and supports our local soybean farmers. It truly is the gift that continues to give.

These hand poured soy wax candles are infused with fragrance oils designed to envelop your senses and created with such a quality wax you will be assured to enjoy for many long hours.

Whether you are accustomed to the quality a soy candle provides or are new to the world of soy, we know you will not be disappointed in our hand poured, eco friendly, naturally beautiful, fragrance enhanced soy wax candles! 

Candle Collections available in very vanilla, cinnamon bun, apple harvest, and love spell! Only $25 for the entire soy fragrance collection!

The Purple Wick



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