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Create Beautiful Home and Party Decor with Soy Candles

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Decorating with Candles

As the year winds down, the air becomes crisp, and there is a feeling of excitement. We begin planning to see our out of town family and friends . We begin the planning of parties for this and that.  We are excited to share our thankfulness and our joy with those we care about. We want to create an atmosphere that reflects all our excitement.

Here are a few ideas of how to get creative with your decorations this year using nature...

An elegant and timeless look can be achieved by bringing nature into our homes mixed with candle lighting. Get creative with native items to the seasons. Candles can be kept mostly uniform  while adding a festive fragrance to fill your home . This addition can really help set the mood for your occasions. Fall and winter are a great time to showcase a glass vase with pine cones. Depending on the size,this can be used to compliment your family heirloom Santa, or stand alone as a statement piece. You may also feel like mixing it up to create a one of a kind centerpiece.

nature and candle decor      candle decor   candles with pine cone in vase

Keep it personal by adding traditional decor that your family or friends identify with best.  It is fun to add the newest styles, but sometimes keeping a classic around outweighs the latest fashion. 

christmas decor

Items can be given a touch of glitz by spray painting. These pumpkins and giant pine cones add an unexpected splash and easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Don't be afraid to take advantage of your candles as lighting once the sun goes down. Not only is this as easy way to fill your home with a seasonal aroma, but the candle lighting makes for a more peaceful atmosphere. 

holiday candle decor

Create areas of focus where ones eyes will naturally travel. Then use this space to transform an ordinary item into a masterpiece that will provide beauty and romantic lighting. For instance,this is a wooden crate, but the possibilities are endless...

candle decoration

No matter what you decide to use to decorate your home, do it with joy and with love. Do is as an expression of your appreciation of your time with family and friends. 

Decorating is such a fun and expressive act that the possibilities are endless and change with each and every personality. Using nature's gifts is one of our favorite go to decor staples. We would love to hear about yours! Please feel free to share and if you are interested in using soy candles in your decor this year, we would love to have you check out what we have to




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