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Just for Men

Posted on December 28 2015

Just for Men (Fragrances for Your Man Cave)

Masculine and Rugged Fragrances

The Purple Wick is pleased to offer a masculine line of scented products. Designed with men in mind, these dominant fragrances will have your Man Cave filled with intoxicating aromas including Leather and Whiskey. 

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Fragrance: Leather

Leather Fragrance

 The Leather fragrance is a classic masculine scent that embodies the rich and sensual aroma of fine leather.


Fragrance: Whiskey

Whiskey Fragrance

 The Whiskey fragrance is blended with the unmistakable scent of intoxicating whiskey with tones of rich oak and smoked peat for a truly masculine aroma.

 We are pleased to offer our masculine options in a variety of styles and aromas!

With options including Buck Fever, Oak Moss, and Tobacco Caramel we are sure you will find the perfect match! Excellent gift options for Father's Day!

Not sure which style candle would be the best fit for your Man Cave? Consider the size of the room. Larger rooms will require a larger candle or two or more smaller ones, while a smaller room will be filled quickly with our smaller candles. Wax Melts are a great option for controlled fragrance in any size room. All our candles are made from American grown soybean. The soy wax candles are created to burn at a cooler temperature, making the wax last longer. The fragrance oils are picked for their ability to hold their aroma in soy wax. Therefore, you will reap the most for your money when you burn soy candles, highly fragrant and long lasting! Also, the glass jars will be covered in significantly less black soot. Soy wax burns clean and there are less toxins to blacken the glass of your candle. 

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  • Stuart: December 28, 2015

    Love these scents, not to frilly and perfect for guys. Highly recommended!

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