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Monogram Candles

Make it personal with our new monogramming! The Purple Wick (hand poured soy candles & melts) is excited about our new Monogram options! We have been able to provide our customers with high quality soy wax candles in an ever expanding variety of lasting fragrances. We provide gifts that teachers, Moms, friends, and we ourselves are excited to use.  Accents for the home that infuse every room in soothing lighting and heavenly aromas. How could these gifts become even more thoughtful? Make it personal! We are currently offering three Monogram styles available in numerous candle combinations of styles and fragrances. 


Check out our complete list of ever expanding Fragrances.

Create your own look and cater to any decor by choosing your candle style, color/scent, and label. The possibilities are endless! 

Candle Styles: 16 oz Apothecary, 8 oz Jelly Jar, 8 oz Tin, 4 oz Tin. Make it a gift set with affordable tea lights. 

Monogramming is always a great option on gifts that really show you put some effort and added thought into your purchase. Personally, I do not remember ever not LOVING a monogrammed gift!  As an added plus, we love that our monogrammed gifts offer an object for those who seem to have everything! Don't forget to also snag one for yourself while you are ordering that perfect gift, we don't want you getting jealous when you fall head over heels as your order is received! 

The Purple Wick

Hand Poured Soy Candles & Melts

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