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Pure Soy Wax Melts

Posted on July 16 2017

Let's Talk About Those Wax Melts!

I'm without a doubt a wax melt addict! I love warmers of all kinds and I'm not alone. It's so easy to find wax warmers that compliment your style, they are everywhere, and I'm loving it! Say goodbye to those days of searching through pages of over priced warmers and waiting weeks for them to arrive. The people have spoken and you can now find affordable warmers at every corner! Now for the real fun, let's talk about that wax!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting your wax warmer style! Look for coordinating colors to enhance the style of your room, or go with something a little unexpected to add some quirky eye appeal to an otherwise stuffy area. And don't forget to grab those discounted holiday themes. You will love pulling out those year after year!

So you have the perfect warmers! Before you break off just any wax into your find, let's check out some facts... Soy vs. Paraffin Wax.

Just like with our soy wax candles, our soy wax melts provide the same high quality perks! Let's be honest, if you are going to be filling your home with a product, don't you want it to be the best?! Leave those toxins behind, while enjoying a slower melting, longer lasting, and highly fragrant soy wax melt! And if the fact that soy wax melts are eco-friendly and safer for your family do not do the trick, let's talk about that clean up! Have you ever experienced a ruined coffee table or night stand from paraffin wax spillage? It is the worst! With soy wax, the clean up is easy. Warm soap and water easily removes any spilled wax, warm or cold. This also makes changing out your fragrances a snap! You can pour out warm wax and rinse with warm soapy water, dry and replace. To replace a cold wax from your warmer, use a butter knife to loosen the edge and pop out the remaining wax. Then wash and replace! I was amazed the first time I changed my soy wax warmer. So easy! Furthermore, you will be enjoying these soy wax melts for much longer than a generic paraffin wax melt. When it comes to holding a fragrance, nothing compares to soy!

The Purple Wick

Stock your stash and stay melting ladies! Want to get started but don't have a warmer, allow us to create a custom order gift basket for you packed with warmer to fit your style and various fragrances! Email me at 




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