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We Love Creating Custom Orders!

We Love Creating Custom Orders! 

We love creating custom orders for our customers! We understand that every story is unique and like to incoorporate one's personal style and taste in their order! Wheter you are putting your favorites together for yourself or tailoring a gift basket in celebration of a friendship or loved one, we work with our customers to create a unique item that is meaningful and sure to provide lasting enjoyment! 

Custom Orders

We specialize in housewarming, Anniversay, Birthday, appreciation, and the celebration of friendship! When you can't be there in person or want to send an unexpected surprise, we have you covered! Personalized messages can be attached to our custom, gift wrapped packages! All orders include our high quality, hand poured, soy creations. We are happy to work with color scheme preferances and candle labels can be tailored to showcase personal images! Personalized picture labels are always emailed to our customers for apporval before shipping! Wedding pictures make beautiful labels on our glass Apothecary soy candles and are a perfect gift idea for newlyweds! And monogramed labels are a favorite for Birthdays, Mother's Day, and Graduations!

The options really are endless and we will work with you to create the perfect match! Guys wanting to pamper their partners, but not sure where to start. No problem, simply request a romantic package and we will cover every detail! To get started creating your custom order, email us with the subject: custom order at 

We look forward to creating your custom order! Check out our ever increasing Fragrance options!


Emily was thrilled with her future! Graduation day had come and gone, she had said goodbye to her Mom as her Dad lovingly packed her last suitcase in the back of her car. As the months passed, Emily had settled into a routine of living on her own. She still talked to her Mom on the phone almost daily and even had an adorable kitten that welcomed her at the end of the day. Life was great and full of possibilities!

When the time came, Emily couldn't wait to call her parents and tell them the exciting news! She had finally been accepted as an intern where she could finally put all her hard studying into action! She knew the opportunity would cause her to move even farther from her hometown, but Emily and her cat companion were up for the challenge.

Moving day came and although her loving parents were supportive as always, this time she loaded her suitcase alone and set off on her journey. After Emily arrived and was settled into her new apartment, there was a knock at the door. She lovingly petted her cat as she walked to the door. It was a package, from her Mom and Dad. The package included all sorts of goodies for her to enjoy in her new apartment, but most importantly they had found a way to show their support and affection even from afar. They were not able to be there, but Emily was instantly surrounded with their affection. 

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