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Why We Love Perfume Inspired Fragrances!

Posted on July 10 2017

Why We Love Perfume Inspired Fragrances! 

The right perfume can completely transform your mood! If you are like me, you like to keep a few go-to fragrances on your vanity. For me, a date night calls for my more sensual and romantic scents, while a lunch date with girlfriends calls for my light and flirty aromas. It is no secret that certain scents have a way of speaking to our soul and adding the right perfume to your outfit can have you feeling ready to take on the world! If you are a fan of perfumes like Amber Romance, Love Spell, and Endless Weekend we have just what the Doctor ordered and all with an unexpected twist that will have you stashing these gems on your office desk and in your carry-on for those weekend getaways!

Perfume Inspired Fragrances

  • The fragrance collection at The Purple Wick is constantly growing! 
  • All perfume inspired fragrances can be used to freshen your scent while on the go!


Do not underestimate the power of a good fragrance! Once you have found that perfect aroma that instantly puts you on top of the world and leaves you ready to take on the day, embrace it! Did you know, that each perfume inspired fragrance that we carry has a secret? Not only do our hand poured, soy wax creations provide a cleaner, slower burning experience with a lasting scent; each perfume inspired aroma can be used on-the-go! By swirling your fingertip across the creamy soy top and applying to your wrist, these perfumes will provide just the boost you crave to revamp your favorite perfume scent! Perfect for placing on your desk at the office, or stashing in your carry-on for a night away from home. Our soy, travel tins are perfect for this exact purpose. Not to mention the fact that once lit in your hotel room, you will be surrounded in your favorite mood setting perfume! 

So go ahead, indulge in that perfume that inspires you to put your best self forward and take assurance in knowing that our products are produced using only American grown soy, to ensure a cleaner burning experience! Don't sacrifice your love for that favorite aroma with unnecessary toxins that are present in paraffin waxes and toxic wicks. Get what you love with pure soy and eco-friendly wicks!

Perfume Inspired Fragrances

Stay inspired and surround yourself with the little things in life that keep you uplifted! Which perfume inspired soy candle will you add to your next weekend getaway? 



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