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Hand Poured Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts:

Perfectly sized 6 pc soy wax melts. Created to pack the most fragrance in a compact cube to be placed in most common wax warmers, that will infuse the area with a lasting scent.

Check out our complete Fragrance List.

To use:  Simply break off a soy wax cube from the 6 pc pack and place in the top of your wax warmer. Once your warmer is turned on, the wax begins to melt and releases the potent fragrance oils infused in the wax melts.

To replace:  You can expect each soy wax melt to give you about 10 hours of potent aroma. Once you are ready to replace your soy wax melt, simply pour out the used wax and wipe the dish warmer clean with a paper towel. Then, replace with a new soy wax melt and you are ready to enjoy!

Our soy wax melts are highly fragrant and available in a variety of scents.