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Caring for Your Soy Candle to Reap Maximum Benefits

Our soy candles are created using developed recipes that have proven to provide long burn times, high quality fragrance, all in a clean burn. We have provided some care tips in order to help you maximize your available benefits.

When your receive your candle the wick will already be trimmed at about 1/4 inch. Your will want to light your candle when you are prepared to let it burn for about 2 hours. This will allow the soy wax to create what is known as a wax pool. This simply means, your candle will burn more evenly and not waste your precious wax by tunneling. It is helpful to note that because we use only fragrance oils that are specifically formulated to perform well with soy wax, you can be assured that the aroma from your candle will linger. If your desire to fill a larger area you can achieve this by adding an additional candle. Some fragrances have been created to dominate and produce a strong aroma while other are more soothing and subtle. This enables your to select the fragrance choice that best fits your desires.

 Once the soy wax has regained it's solid state and you are ready to relight your candle, you will first trim the wick. Your goal is to trim the wick back to the original 1/4 inch. Scissors can be used for this task if you do not have a wick trimmer. Be sure to remove any wick remains and you are ready to bring your beautiful candle back to life again. In addition, notice the lack of soot along the walls of your candle holder, this is a sign of the lack of toxins found in other wax such as paraffin.

An additional helpful fact, our soy candles are biodegradable and accidental wax spills can be easily cleaned with warm soap and water. With these tips and our quality scented soy candles, you now have the tools to maximize your benefits of the soy candle experience!

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