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Fragrances: Our fragrance oils are selected for their ability to work best with our high-quality soy wax, to create lasting aromas. You will find that your scent will stay true from the first time you light your soy candle, to the last burn! 

Amber Essence is a perfume inspired, sweet and floral fragrance. Sultry musk and sandalwood dance together with blooming foliage, to create this sensual aroma.

Angel Kisses provides a blissful blend of cherry blossom, hydrangea, peach, and blonde wood! Create a romantic escape! Perfume inspired.

Autumn Breeze Autumn Breeze embraces the change of the seasons and whisks your thoughts into a walk in the woods on a crisp, Autumn day. Rich blends of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove are layered over sandalwood, cedar, and apple to create this delightful aroma! 

Balsamea FirBalsamea Fir A breath of fresh air! This earthy aroma is built on a woodsy foundation of cedar and calming musk. Crisp pine dominates this nature inspired fragrance to bring the serenity of outdoors into the comfort of your home.

Black AceBlack Ace This masculine scent accentuates fresh bergamot that is flushed with sandalwood and a soothing musk, to recreate the popular muscle car air freshener. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla combines the rich aroma of classic vanilla with the mouthwatering scent of ripened black raspberries to create a heavy, enticing fragrance. 

Blueberry Cobbler creates a fresh from the oven aroma that is rich and will quickly fill your home with mouthwatering aromas of fresh blueberries and sugary crust!

Buck FeverBuck Fever This woodsy aroma was inspired for our outdoor lovers, to send your thoughts straight to the Hunting Lodge! Dry notes of cedar-wood combine with earthy tones of moss and pine to mimic every hunter's ideal day in the woods.

 Calm Before the Storm A salty ocean breeze rushing over the shore, cleansing the air in preparation of the perfect storm. This oceanic aroma brings waves of salt water and ozone for an ultimate cleansing experience!

Camping Under the Stars fragrance captures the serenity offered during a night spent under the stars. Fresh night air blended with fireside.

Caught in the Rain Rain forest inspired! White lily petals and natural petitgrain leaf oil are infused with light hints of sandalwood to create this ethereal fragrance!

Cherry Berry Pucker offers a blast of luscious cherries and berries! This playful aroma provides a bursting scent of cherry effervescence!

Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom Hints of magnolia and rose are delicately splashed over the classic aroma of blooming cherry blossoms to create this delicate and delightful floral scent! 

Cinnamon Bun Cinnamon Bun Fresh from the oven cinnamon buns, drizzled in vanilla icing and topped with clove. Warm and sweet aroma that will have your mouth watering!

Clove Oil Clove Oil provides a warm rendition of this fine perfume oil infused with spice notes, in the purest form. 

Cool Citrus Basil is a signature botanical fragrance that blends lemon, lime, white flowers, and crisp herbs to create the ultimate fresh aroma! The unexpected hint of velvet moss in this enticing scent, provides a warming and uplifting experience.

Cotton Candy Obsession blends your childhood glee of classic cotton candy goodness with an unexpected touch of berries and light cantaloupe, for an explosion of sweetness! 

Cranapple Marmalade Cranapple Marmalade Juicy blend of tart cranberries and spiced apples are warmed to perfection with hints of vanilla and musk for the ultimate seasonal fragrance!

Crisp Apple was inspired from ripened apples and hints of cinnamon. This fragrance is rich and long lasting!

Day at the Spa is a light and clean fragrance that was influenced by the serenity that can be found during a relaxing day spent at the spa.

 Flamboyant Flamingo joins coconut, exotic blooms, and spiced vanilla to create this calming and uplifting aroma with bright notes of citrus fruits! 

Fresh Espresso is perfect for coffee lovers! Enjoy the aroma of strong, fresh espresso any time with this rich scent.

Fruit Madness is an energetic blend of fruit pulp and lush berries! This fruity blend is bursting with freshness!

Fruity HazeFruity Haze This fun and fruity fragrance leaves you spinning in a psychedelic, sugary haze of sweet orange and tangy cherry! 

Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House treats you to a delightful aroma of frosted ginger and spice! Bursts of sticky buns, clove, and sweet vanilla envelop your senses to transform you into the fairy-tale of Hansel and Gretel!

Give Me S'more!Give Me S'more! We can't get enough of this decadent aroma! Scrumptious blend of sweet graham crackers, fire roasted marshmallows, and melting milk chocolate. Need we say more? 

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh is a luxurious blend of balsam, myrrh, and patchouli. Lingering notes of Arabian musk, sandalwood, and olibanum combine to complete this sophisticated and exotic aroma.

Hazelnut Hazelnut The perfect blend of vanilla bean and hazelnut coffee. Classic and pure aroma for all hazelnut lovers.

Homemade Pecan Pie Homemade Pecan Pie is a southern favorite that is inspired by fresh from the oven pecan pie, enhanced with toasted pecans and sweet custard. This aroma is blended with notes of brown sugar and vanilla to recreate the classic southern home for the holidays! 

 Honeysuckle Haven A true southern classic to embrace the wonders of Spring! Sweet honeysuckle, lush jasmine, and fresh greens are splendidly balanced to recreate the soft, dewy aromas of blooming honeysuckle. 

Island Romance  inspired by Hawaiian foliage surrounded by Island fruits. This exotic scent will transform your surroundings into an instant paradise!

Juniper Breeze provides a refreshing scent that combines jasmine, green apple, and forest greens for an uplifting perfume inspired fragrance.

Lakeside was created to mimic the instant tranquility one experiences during an afternoon by the lake. Relaxing, light, and clean.

LeatherLeather is a classic masculine scent that embodies the rich and sensual aroma of fine leather.

Lemon Licious was inspired by home-made pound cake that has been smothered in sugary frosting! Classic lemon combined with an unexpected sugary goodness!

Mandarin Zesty essential oils of orange and grapefruit are balanced with notes of musk to create this fresh fragrance. This natural blend offers a sophisticated twist to the classic citrus aromas! 

Mermaid Splash treats you to an enchanting experience! This fragrance is swimming with coconut, pineapple and sparkling mandarin. Finished with splashes of driftwood, jasmine, and hints of apple! 

Mint Splashed Cucumber is a light and clean fragrance, that is true to this aroma's name. Herbal mint and sliced cucumber combine to create this relaxing aroma. Refreshing and not overwhelming.

MistletoeMistletoe combines pine needles, cedarwood, fir, and sweet berries for a classic aroma. Have your home ready for the holidays with this festive fragrance!

Mountain Sugar FigsMountain Sugar Figs Perfume Inspired! Rich and luxurious fragrance created with brown sugar, maple, and ripened mountain fig. Indulge your senses with this luscious aroma that is balanced with perfect notes of fruit, floral, and musk. 

Natural Cotton has become a fast favorite due to the light and clean aroma! Clean linen, and freshly picked cotton aromas blended to create the ultimate refreshing scent.

Night of the Zombie Night of the Zombie invades your surroundings with an earthy and potent union of cedar wood, patchouli, and orange. Spicy and sweet notes lurk in each batch to create this complex blend.

Oak Moss Oak Moss Soothing and alluring aroma that sends your thoughts strolling through the forgotten path of lively, creek-side brush with lush moss. Dampened oak bark is flush with thriving ozone and fern, creating an ideal natural oasis. 

Peach Me, I Must Be Dreaming!Peach Me, I Must Be Dreaming! Velvety, ripened peaches are accented with juicy orange and balanced with lingering backgrounds of vanilla and musk. Sure to make every Southern Peach's dreams come true. 

PearfectionPearfection Ripened Bartlett pears freshly sliced and enhanced with ever so slight hints of luscious green apples and peach. Refreshing and not overwhelming. Perfect for adding a touch of freshness to your home without overpowering. 

PeppermintPeppermint Classic blend of peppermint and warm vanilla to create a clean and refreshing fragrance. Compliment your festive decor with this seasonal aroma! Enjoy fresh mint and eucalyptus for a light and clean scent.

Peppermint Candy Think old fashioned, hard peppermint candies! Sugary and sweet! 

Pineapple Craze answers the call for an island fresh blend of ripe pineapples enhanced with coconut cream and cilantro. A touch of juicy citrus has been added to create this ultimate island fragrance!

Pumpkin SoufflePumpkin Souffle Fresh pumpkin is enhanced with warm notes of sugar, butter, and spices. This seasonal fragrance combines nutmeg and cinnamon for a mouthwatering aroma that leaves us ready for everything autumn! 

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice Embrace the season of bonfires, pumpkin carving, and autumn with this comforting and sweet fragrance! This fall aroma brings together pumpkin, buttercream, and cloves to create the ultimate autumn scent!

Roasted PineRoasted Pine Invite this crisp pine fragrance into your home and embrace the seasonal warmth of oven roasted pine nuts, fresh pine needles and natural essences of the slightest hints of berry and sandalwood. 

Salted SeasSalted Seas Relaxing, salted waves splash over delicate aquatic florals to create this exemplary oceanic aroma. Notes of sea moss and wood rise to meet the light mists of water lily and cyclamen, providing an ocean-side retreat atmosphere. 

Sassy Sangria Sassy Sangria This fruity concoction brings all the sass! Ripened raspberries, juicy grapefruit, and ruby cherries are topped with sweet, red wine to form the perfect raspberry sangria that proves worthy of Girls Night Out!

Snow Queen Snow Queen captivates you with sweet buttercream that is highlighted with winter flowers and fruits, to create this snow-filled, fairy tale of a fragrance! 

Sparkling Wild Strawberries unites the dynamic duo of sparkling champagne and ripened strawberries for a sensual, fresh scent that will awaken your senses! 

Sunset on the Beach Inspired by the refreshing ocean sprays, enhanced with island fruits, and splashed with pure jasmine! Revive your soul with this enticing scent!

Swamp Monster Swamp Monster Perfect selection for those monster lovers that share an appreciation for the classics! This alluring aroma will whisk you away to the secluded moss thriving, earthy musk with damp oak and creek-side stones. Oak moss has continued to be a staple extraction in fragrance creations and will not disappoint. 

Odor EliminatorSweet Kumquat Odor Eliminator! Our Sweet Kumquat fragrance is crafted from notes of citrus, mixed fruits, and spices. Burn with a purpose! Not only will your home be filled with an invigoratingly fresh aroma, but this powerful creation was formulated to eliminate smoke and odors! 

Sweet Summertime Sweet Summertime is a refreshing fragrance infused with juicy watermelon chunks, peak of freshness melons, and light notes of sugar. Send your senses spiraling into a watermelon infused haven, just in time for Summer! 

Therapy Session offers an earthy and exotic experience. This oriental blend includes neroli, white jasmine, and patchouli.

 Tobacco Caramel Tobacco leaf fused with earthy oak and patchouli is balanced with a sugary caramel base. This warm tone is enhanced with a touch of orange to create this warm, earthy fragrance.

Very Vanilla is a time-tested favorite! Sweet, heavy aroma that is sure to have your mouth watering with sugary vanilla. 

Waves of Tranquility is a delicate scent that includes aged driftwood, jasmine, ocean side, and light notes of crisp citrus to create a calming aroma.

Weekend Getaway sends you spiraling to the joys of a summer getaway with berry sorbet and magnolia blooms, that is soothed with a warm musk. This fragrance is perfume inspired.

Weeping BambooWeeping Bamboo This natural aroma is a calming union of bamboo foliage and essential oils that include Bergamot. Ideal fragrance to welcome stress-relief and positive energy. Our Weeping Bamboo fragrance allows you to embrace the effects of aroma-therapy! 

WhiskeyWhiskey is blended with the unmistakable scent of intoxicating whiskey with tones of rich oak and smoked peat for a truly masculine aroma.

Winter Enchantment Winter Enchantment invites you to stroll through the snow filled forest underlined with winter berry and enhanced with cinnamon, clove, orange, and French vanilla. 

Witch's Cauldron This bewitching aroma steeps guiacwood with dark amber, and patchouli with vetiver to leave you under its' rich and earthy spell.

Yummy GummiesYummy Gummies Tangy lemon, juicy grape, and zesty orange gooey goodness! Can't pick a favorite gummy, no need, they were meant to be enjoyed together. This sweet aroma will have your thoughts racing back to childhood. Perfect rendition of everything gooey and sugary!


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