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How Imperfections Can Prove Natural Perfection

When my husband and I began our adventure into the art of candle making, we were driven to create not only an efficient candle with a long burn time, clean burn, and lasting fragrance; but we were determined to offer a beautiful, flawless soy candle.

It was not until countless test batches and research later that our eyes were opened to the real definition of the natural beauty of soy wax. We had been determined to find the perfect recipe to create a "perfect" candle. However, time and time again, we were faced with a wax "frosting" in our glass candle holders and a sometimes uneven top layer to our precious works of art. Although we were achieving longer burn times than ever before and a high quality scent, we were determined to achieve beauty.

 Our research proved there was in fact a method we could use to remedy these imperfections in order to create a cookie cutter candle that looked flawless pour after pour. This method involves the mixing of our pure soy wax with paraffin wax. This mixture would create what we had perceived as perfect , but it would be at a cost. This mixture would include everything that goes along with a paraffin wax, including all the toxins. The Purple Wick was not willing to make this sacrifice. This change to our soy wax would contaminate everything that worked together to make our soy candles the natural spender they are now.

That was the moment we realized, all the "imperfections" that sometimes caused frosting and an uneven finish were actually the signature marks of a truly natural beauty. These are the very characteristics that define perfection in the art of soy candle making. We now work to embrace our soy candles and all of their natural beauty without sacrificing their benefits.


Rest assured that all our soy wax creations are never combined with inferior wax blends. The Purple Wick uses American grown soy in each hand poured batch to provide our customers with pure soy benefits! Our customers will see little to not soot blackening their jars and will enjoy an even burn on each candle, with no wasted wax. Our customers will enjoy the aroma they fell in love with until the last lighting and their fragrance will not diminish with use. Our customers will experience the true benefits of a pure soy wax burn each and every time!