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Swamp Monster

$ 3.99

Swamp MonsterSwamp Monster Perfect selection for those monster lovers that share an appreciation for the classics! This alluring aroma will whisk you away to the secluded moss thriving, earthy musk with damp oak and creek-side stones. Oak moss has continued to be a staple extraction in fragrance creations and will not disappoint.

Our customers have come to expect our lasting fragrances and slow burning candles and melts; and Swamp Monster is no exception! Hand poured using pure soy wax, our candles are crafted to melt at a cooler temperature that allows our customers to enjoy the same strength aromas with every use!

Perfect for Halloween or to add a vintage, comic book style to your surroundings! Swamp Monster will instantly lure you into the depths of the oak moss covered swamps with it's earthy tones.

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