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Sweet Kumquat

$ 3.99

Sweet KumquatSweet Kumquat Odor Eliminator! Our Sweet Kumquat fragrance is crafted from notes of citrus, mixed fruits, and spices. Burn with a purpose! Not only will your home be filled with an invigoratingly fresh aroma, but this powerful creation was formulated to eliminate smoke and odors!

As requested, we are pleased to offer our customers an option to eliminate smoke and odors. Slow burning and crafted from the same pure soy wax our customers have grown to trust. Consider the size of the area you are wishing to neutralize when determining a product size. Sweet Kumquat is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Stop masking unpleasant odors and begin eliminating them! We searched for a pure soy wax creation that was worthy of being sold as a true odor and smoke eliminator and are pleased to offer this option to our customers. Not only will Sweet Kumquat provide the neutralization required to truly rid your space of unwanted odors, but it also replaces those with bursts of fresh air that is seasoned with notes of citrus and spice! Reclaim your space from unwanted odors and smoke!

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