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Pamper your senses!  We have a style & fragrance to fit your every mood!

Weeping Bamboo

$ 3.99

Weeping BambooWeeping Bamboo is a natural aroma is a calming union of bamboo foliage and essential oils that include Bergamot. Ideal fragrance to welcome stress-relief and positive energy. Our Weeping Bamboo fragrance allows you to embrace the effects of aroma-therapy! 

As always, our products are hand poured using American grown soy wax to provide a slower, cleaner burn with lasting fragrance for your enjoyment! Create the calming effects of aroma-therapy at home with this natural, spa session inspired fragrance.

Soothing, clean, and uplifting aroma! Relax and unwind with our perfectly blended Weeping Bamboo creations available in a variety of styles.

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