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Pamper your senses!  We have a style & fragrance to fit your every mood!

Witch's Cauldron

$ 3.99

Witch's Cauldron is a bewitching aroma that steeps guiacwood with dark amber, and patchouli with vetiver, to leave you under it's rich and earthy spell!
Get in the spirit of Halloween with these fun soy candle creations! 

Slow burning, as with all our creations, you can expect to enjoy lasting fragrance. Cleaner and even burning is a direct result of our dedication to selecting only pure soy wax for all of our candles and melts. Available in a variety of styles, and a must have for your Halloween decor!

Become bewitched by this rich and earthy fragrance! Witch's Cauldron provides an unexpected twist to typical woodsy aromas that will leave you spellbound! 

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